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CPAP Talk: Masks & RemZzzs…. Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Since my time on The Biggest Loser, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with some great folks.  Many of those people have been or are talking about sleep in some form or fashion.  In partnering with Philips Respironics, I have had the opportunity to travel across the country sharing my Sleep Apnea journey […]

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Save the Pillows-Sleep Apnea Awareness Campaign, Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Sleep Apnea is something I talk about so often because I have sleep apnea.  I lived undiagnosed for years!  Then after being diagnosed, I lived for years not being compliant with my therapy.  Honestly, I did not take it seriously and educate myself on what ignoring my sleep apnea was doing to my health until  my time […]

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Treat or “Fat Letter” – Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the woman in a North Dakota neighborhood who plans tonight for Halloween to hand out “fat letters” instead of candy to the children who come to her door that she thinks are moderately obese. I was asked what I thought about it and well, my first thought is shame on […]

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Mom pic

In Memory of My Mother – Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Eight years ago today my precious Mother moved to her forever home with Christ at 83 years old.  She was a soft spoken tower of strength and only 5 feet tall.  She grew up the oldest of 7 children in a share-cropper family…  A family that worked hard, stayed together and was rich in love.  […]

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SleepMapper – New Helpful Healthy Tool – Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

We all love to share things that help us in our quest to a healthy lifestyle, being purposeful in what we do!  We know a lot about being purposeful in our nutrition and exercise by journaling and keeping track of it but not so with our sleep.  Not until now!  Now there is a tool to […]

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Happy Girl

Lost and Found, Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

  A few weeks ago I was traveling and decided to take my set of keys to everything at home out of my purse and put safely in my suitcase…. Or so I thought….  Upon arriving home, I searched and searched for my keys and could not find them.  Did I put them in this […]

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We Can Do It

STEP UP For the Children In Your Life – Sherry Johnston, NBC The Biggest Loser

I am loving the new season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser!  What about you?  I think the show has gotten back to what it does best – INSPIRE us. I hear many things from many people – some love Jillian’s back and some say she’s too much.  I agree with both!  Yes, she brings her […]

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Motivation daily!

Happy New Year… Still! Sherry Johnston, NBC Biggest Loser

Happy New Year!  Yes, it is still the New Year!  So how are you doing on your resolutions? Now just a few days in and I hope everyone is still on track with their changes.  I am for the most part and as I go, I’m clarifying my goals and my plan of how to […]

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Sleep & Santa

Let’s Talk Masks (Part 2), Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

In the last blog, I promised there would be another part about CPAP masks.  I also promised I would “show” you some things about my masks and my fun hair tip!  The Biggest Loser always says – show me don’t tell me why you need to change.  It was a great idea but:  Why, why, […]

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Sleep Apnea Fairy

Let’s Talk Masks! (Part 1) Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Everywhere I go, be it the grocery store, airports, events or Christmas parties, I talk about different elements of good health and for me, that always includes sleep!  Sleep includes quality not just quantity which normally leads to a discussion of the symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) because it’s so prevalent, important and largely […]

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