Biggest Loser Impacts Teens – What about YOU?

In case you missed the big announcement this morning, Jillian Michaels is coming back to NBC’s The Biggest Loser starting with Season 14 which will begin airing in January 2013.

There will be some changes “up in this house” as Bob Harper used to say!  I think NBC heard all your/our voices that said, inspire us again!  We don’t want all the fighting and drama.  What we LOVE about The Biggest Loser is that they take normal people like you and well, me, literally (ha-ha) and inspires us to change!  It helps us all see: YOU CAN!

Not only is Jillian coming back but the show is also adding a Teen Cast, 3 teens per team I believe Jillian said. It isn’t about how much weight they lose, it’s about getting them HEALTHY!   The teens are not going to be living on The Ranch (I don’t know where they would put them honestly.) but BL will be helping them  AT HOME!!  They will be able to go to The Ranch at times I believe.  Jillian said they have been and are consulting with the experts on how to make this work and that is exciting!  Signing up for BL as an adult is one thing but as an overweight teen is entirely different and it appears BL is doing their homework.

The focus is HEALTH!  Hooray!  I now encourage parents to do it differently than I did with Ashley and my family.  We all struggled some with our weight. I would encourage especially Ashley but did not change our eating habits as a family.  I didn’t as the Mom buying the food for my family say I NEED TO CHANGE  to help me and my family.  I didn’t say let’s go out and play something or go for a walk or hike or just get active.  I didn’t lead by example!  OUCH!  That really hurts to be so honest with you but as Betty Ford once said, “You can’t overcome anything unless you face it”.

Like most of us, I said I would do ANYTHING to help my children and did lots of things to give them the best I could!  I helped them study, was very involved in their schools, church and activities.  Looking back, I did do many things right.  But this HEALTHY LIVING thing is where I blew it.  It was a priority to an extent as my late husband, Ken became a Type II Diabetic and we worked to keep HIM healthier but not as a whole family.

Even when Ashley at 27 years old came to me and said she wanted to try out for The Biggest Loser, I said, I’ll do anything I can to help you.  Then she said I want you to go with me!  I said I’ll do ANYTHING but THAT!  I was even upset with her that she thought I needed to go too!  Yes folks, that was my “Mother of the Year” moment!  A few days later, she showed me a video she made of how being 374 pounds affected her life.  She  shared the pain I do not believe I’d ever heard her say out loud.  That was it, I was in from that moment and the rest is BL history and can be Googled forever!

Today, I encourage parents, grandparents, families, schools, etc. to STEP UP to change the HEALTH of your children!  What I realize is that by me stepping up today in this area of my life and leading by example, I can change and impact in a positive way my children, grandchildren, great –grandchildren – I CAN help change their FUTURES  so hopefully they may not struggle with family health issues.  You know, Type II Diabetes, Obstructive Sleep Apena, Cancers, Heart Issues, etc . and all the side effects from those in our bodies.   Now that is PURPOSE and real change!  Making small changes can make big differences!

I had some “facing up” to do.   What about you??????? 


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One Response to “Biggest Loser Impacts Teens – What about YOU?”

  1. I think this is a wonderful concept, because with all things, this journey begins at home!!! I absolutely love Jillian and would give anything to meet her, and the fact she is coming back to help and in this capacity makes me very excited, because there is going to be a lot of pressure on her from this angle. Parents need to start being held accountable for the weight problems of children, but first and foremost they need to be educated as well! Let’s give the kids a chance to not go through what we went through!! Yay for BL for expanding their horizons and making an impact on America!!!