A few mornings ago my devotion was called “The Danger of Drifting”.  It was talking about how we can drift away from the safety zone of God’s plan for our lives.  I have to admit, I’ve done that in my life.  I didn’t start out to drift, you know, I just got…. Distracted or busy or just floating like in auto pilot.  Then one day I kind of “woke up” and thought, how did I get here?  Was I in a daze as I began to float aimlessly along and not notice that I wasn’t where I should be and more than that, where I wanted to be in my relationship with my Father?  Were things going well and I thought I got this on my own?

I realize that can happen in many areas of our lives even in our quest for a healthy lifestyle.  You know what I mean.  Take…let’s say…weight for example.  You start out with great passion about how you are going to work out 20 hours a day, not let one grain of sugar ever pass through your lips or anything FRIED!  How disgusting!  And for a while, you are journaling all your food, workouts, sleep, and every move you make all day.

Then comes a day that you just work out 19.5 hours and oops that had 2 grains of sugar and your pen doesn’t work to write anything down.  Then after that day comes another that you don’t even realize that has 20 grains of sugar and it’s been days since you really did a good workout but you really can’t remember when that last day was because you haven’t written anything down now in a month.  And you wake up one morning and slip into your favorite jeans and then you say – what has happened to these jeans!  They fit great yesterday but today they feel a little snug!

Friends, that’s DRIFTING!  And it happens to a lot of us, even this Biggest Loser!  Boy that’s hard to say but if I’m not honest with myself, how can I ever change.   How will I ever realize I need to change?

So here is what I do when that “too snug jean day” hits and YOU CAN too:

  • Forgive yourself – if you are like me, you can be your own worst critic and all the past failures begin to come to mind like a raging river.  That raging river is probably the same river that left that path of destruction before but it’s a little further out of its banks than last time! (we’ll talk about this again!)
  • Go back to what you know – For my weight, I go back to what I did while on The Ranch.  Taking time for me which is what going to the Ranch was! Eating clean, working out as if my life depended on it – it did and still does!  Journaling my day.   When I’ve drifted from my relationship with The Father, I hit my knees and ask for forgiveness and He is always faithful to forgive me.  Then I get back into The Word.
  • Reset your goals and make a plan to accomplish them – I heard it said before that a goal without a plan is just a dream.  But dreams come true…. So write it out!  Post it everywhere!  The Bible says God will give us a clear destination and a plan to get there (Proverbs 3:6). That is for all areas of our lives!

That devotion about the Danger of Drifting was my nudge to stop floating along in a few things and get back on track before I hit some really dangerous water! Today is my day!

What about you?  Are you honest enough with yourself to see where you are DRIFTING and willing to change it?

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One Response to “Drifting……..”

  1. How true – how true – enjoyed reading this today, Sherry, thanks!