Happy New Year… Still! Sherry Johnston, NBC Biggest Loser

Motivation daily!

Happy New Year!  Yes, it is still the New Year!  So how are you doing on your resolutions?

Now just a few days in and I hope everyone is still on track with their changes.  I am for the most part and as I go, I’m clarifying my goals and my plan of how to succeed.  For years, every New Year I would make this list of my grand overhaul of everything in my life I wanted and needed to change…  You know those – this year I’m going to:  write 10 books, save the world, lose 500#, etc.  But within a few days or maybe weeks in some things, those thoughts of success faded as they turned to guilt for not doing it all and then the guilt would add another shovel full of self-loathing.  You know, you are such a failure, you can’t do anything, you’ll never be anything, etc.  I know I was there for years!

I realize I set myself up for failure not for success!  First with some unrealistic goals and then by never making a plan of action!

So where to start and stay on track? Here are a few things I’m doing this year to be better successful and if you need a get going or get going again, there’s no time like the present!

  1. Determine the areas of your life that need specific goals – health, finances, relationships….
  2. Don’t waste time feeling sorry that you didn’t take action sooner. You can’t change that now.  Time to move forward.
  3. Begin to establish where you want to be in 6 months or a year from now.  Vision….
  4. Find a friend to hold you accountable and periodically check up on your progress.
  5. Make a schedule to ensure you use your time well.
  6. Log your progress.

There are many ways but for me, I find these helpful!  I have lots I want to do this year in different areas of my life and I’m excited about the possibilities.

Overall, not just this year but every year going forward:  in all I do, I want to be:

A woman worth respecting.  A mother worth imitating.  A leader worth following.

Putting my goals together under these three sentences brings me closer to being what God has called me to be, making my life count and setting a direction for my children, grandchildren and others to experience the best quality of life possible for each of them.

So tell me what your goals look like and how you are doing?


YOU CAN be ______ ( you fill in the blanks!)

The possibilities are endless!



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One Response to “Happy New Year… Still! Sherry Johnston, NBC Biggest Loser”

  1. Wonderful goals Sherrie!!!
    My goal this year was to not make a new year’s resolution, but to set goals and that’s what I did!
    I have a goal that by April 15th I want to be down to 175 lbs. I have a wedding to go to in Boston on the 20th and as my treat on the 16th I am going to go shopping and buy myself new clothes. Will I be able to reach this goal, I don’t know, but it’s out there and each day i’m working towards it! I have to lose about 43 pounds to get there but i’m doing things the right way this time.
    One of my other goals this year is to start letter and card writing again, rather than email and texting. We have lost so much and become so unpersonal with electronics and social media, yet we need them for blogs like this and other ways to stay connected.
    Another goal of mine is to help others on their journey in weight loss and to volunteer my time to families who have less than I.
    I have kept it simple this year but yet it will and is so rewarding, more so than any job or money that can buy…..
    Thank you for being you and for sharing, I love your blogs and I appreciate you!! I look forward to your updates on how you are keeping up with fulfilling your goals!!
    Many blessings!