INSPIRATION IS CONTAGIOUS! Sherry Johnston, Biggest Loser

I’ve been many places in the last couple of years and have had the opportunity to share my Biggest Loser experience and challenge so many to also make whatever changes they need in their lives to become healthier. Challenging them to do it for themselves, they are worth it and that they CAN.

I cannot express how hearing of others improvements, changes and results, truly inspire me! How humbled I am all the time by them. Reminds me daily, this is NOT ABOUT ME!  I realize the impact we all have on others and how inspiration is contagious!   We don’t even realize how true this is!

The day I walked onto The Biggest Loser Ranch, it never crossed my mind the impact my journey and my life would have on others. I just wanted to help my daughter, Ashley and eventually help myself.  Many people have come to me not only at events but also in stores, walking down streets, in airports, in restaurants… everywhere to say hello and share how something I said or did impacted their lives and of others. How they related to me and something clicked in them to make changes in their lives! That by age, struggles, weight, etc. they connected and as a result, they are getting healthier: losing weight, working out, walking, eating better or finally addressing their sleep issues. I laughed as one gentleman told me he was so glad to finally meet me since his wife had my picture on their refrigerator for 6 months!!! (haha) They tell me their stories of how their health issues are improving, they feel better physically and feel better about themselves emotionally!  Each person’s journey is important and has the potential to impact others for good!

One thing I hear quoted to me as much as I say it to others is what I said to Ashley in the first days on The Ranch – “But What If YOU CAN”! It was truly a God moment and those words have become what I live by as well!  I am thrilled when I hear how those 5 words make a difference in others as they did and still do in me!

Last week was the “Finale” of Get Fit Topeka Style, a 6 month Biggest Loser style challenge, that I have had the privilege to be a part of thanks to Philips Respironics! I was invited there for the kick off!  Just a few days prior to this event, Topeka, Kansas was recognized as the 8th most obese city in America. You know, America, which is the 2nd most obese country in the world!  This community came together to offer these GFTS Contestants so many things that we did on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. You know those things I always talk about…. start with Medical then SLEEP (the lesser recognized VITAL part of a healthy life), exercise, food (quantity and quality) and dealing with the emotional things as well. Get Fit Topeka Style also inspired the community at large to take part in workouts and even a 5K.

At The Biggest Loser Season 9 Finale’, Dr. Huizenga told me I had so many changes to my overall health even beyond what he thought might change! I had high cholesterol and a family history to go along with it. He knew I could get it down but maybe not to the range it needed to be because of that family history but I was thrilled to know that it was in the normal range and I would not need to be on medication! And, I was not on that “border line” for diabetes any longer because not only had I lost 100 pounds but for the first time in my life, I was truly healthy! Even at 102 pounds in high school, I did not live a “healthy” lifestyle. Being Healthy is so much more than a number on the scale!

I was so excited to see how these contestants in the Get Fit Topeka Style challenge had also changed their lives by improving their health not just losing weight! The collective numbers are great! Over 600 pounds and over 300 inches lost in 6 months! BUT, the impact of those numbers medically for each of them was the highlight!

Here are a few of those:

  • Because of the importance of SLEEP, testing showed some had Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and now see improvements in their therapy!
  • Blood Pressures are down.
  • Good Cholesterol has increased and Bad Cholesterol has decreased.
  • Diabetes risks are down.
  • Various other health improvements have been shown!

It was such INSPIRATION to talk with these contestants who have changed the direction of their lives and not only their lives but that of their families, friends, and many in the community! They got it and they did it!

I’ve had times in my life when the “But What If YOU CAN” got lost in the “you can’t” bombardment of life messages and then there are others who have never been told anything but “you can’t”… One of the lessons learned from The Biggest Loser is I am capable of so much more than I thought and I CAN! It’s true of all of us….

So today, I want to INSPIRE you to apply my “But What If YOU CAN” principle to whatever area you need in your life! And if you have realized YOU CAN, inspire others to do the same!  We all need it!  I know the GFTS Contestants are!


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2 Responses to “INSPIRATION IS CONTAGIOUS! Sherry Johnston, Biggest Loser”

  1. I love it Sherrie!!! Yes you can!!! Yes I Can!!! I have found in my journey that it gets scary sometimes because I see people following me and getting on this train with me and it’s not only a responsibility to myself but to others, but by putting myself first and doing for me I am helping others instead of the other way around! Inspiration is a key tool to winning and we got this!!

    • Karen, It is a good responsibility but such an inspiration to realize we impact everyone around us everyday for good or bad. Great job! Keep going!