I took a few days for a mini vacation a couple weeks ago, hit the beach and visited Charleston, SC.  When I see the ocean, suddenly stress just melts away….  Actually that is true of most bodies of water for me.

My neighbor, Cindy had wanted to get away and we finally found the time in a late summer break.  So we loaded up the car with lots of things.  Yes, I seem I always over pack but I took some great things other than my 4 pair of shoes!

Since we rented a condo with a kitchen, I was able to bring some food items I love and would prevent me from making bad decisions while traveling.  I took healthy snacks for the trip.  I took breakfast items because I love breakfast.  It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make it count with good protein, high fiber carbs, and I tend to add some veges to that for my first serving of the day.  I add the fruit and protein for a mid-morning snack….  You get the picture…

Of course I packed my CPAP… I don’t leave home without it.  Cindy also has Obstructive Sleep Apnea, has a Philips Respironics CPAP and our bags are identical.

I love to get my feet in the water everywhere I go if there is a body of water close by.  I’ve actually driven out of the way almost 2 hours each way to just see the ocean, put my toes in and relax even if it’s for 15-30 minutes.  It just has such a calming effect doesn’t it?  But when we arrived, I got more than my toes in!  I went out and played for a couple hours like I was a kid!  It was such a great, fun workout! Being beaten and tossed around by the waves, body surfing, pushing against the waves to get back out… all burning calories.  Then you look up and realize you’ve drifted down the beach; it was just an opportunity to do lunges in each direction forward, backward, and side, butt kicks, power walking all in the water upstream.  I’m not sure if my Cindy realized all she was getting into when she asked me to go on a trip with her but she was a trooper!  Then the walks/runs…  I can walk and run further on the beach than anywhere else except when I’m running with Dr. Huizenga from The Biggest Loser.

The final word is still out on how how many calories you burn while laughing but some say up to 50 calories for 10-15 minutes of laughter.  Even at that, as much as we laughed, I know it added up!   (  I kept telling Cindy, I’m laughing with you not at you as she tumbled like seaweed through the waves.  And yes, she returned the favor!  I came up looking like “Cousin It” of the Munster family once with hair all down my face!

We took good snacks to the beach with us when we finally washed up on shore to rest for a bit.  We also hit some of the pools for a relaxing swim and floated the lazy river one early evening when the kids had all gone.  I waited for an opportunity when it was empty so after floating a couple loops, I got off the tube and walked against the flow to burn a few more calories.

Then there was Charleston…  First day, we walked for almost 10 hours stopping only briefly for a light lunch and a nice dinner on the water. (maybe marathon range walk!)  So much to see and so little time!  We did an architectural walking tour which I highly suggest.  I’m not sure how many pictures she took but I took about 5,000 in just 5 days…  Yes, new camera!  I should weigh that as well because I carried that along with an extra lens and of course my purse for all that time.

We did hit one seafood buffet and I must admit I did over eat that night.  You feel you must get your $32 worth, right?  I did eat too much but not too many foods that are not on my post-BL lineup and if I did have something, I took a bite and moved on.  They did have a great salad bar, steamed crab legs and some good grilled fish options as well as steamed broccoli.  I did have a bite of cake but it wasn’t spectacular so I didn’t bother.

I think the best meal we had was a little restaurant on the pier.  We were having a late lunch with plans for a light dinner at the condo.  We had a great table by the window but we found that most of the fish was fried but they said “fresh” so I asked if it could be grilled.  After checking with the chef, yes and the vegetables also and not soaked in butter.  I wasn’t afraid to ask if my food could be cooked differently.  I had a great salad and didn’t feel guilty about any of it!

I found that the exercise I was doing was so much fun, it didn’t seem like “exercise” but I was burning calories and the food was great but still healthy.  I was intentional in my actions to keep moving and to eat well.

I was also intentional with my sleep!  After that much fun in the sun, I really needed it! I didn’t get far off my normal sleep pattern and felt so rested using my CPAP.  I am naturally a morning person (ask my girls who are not so much!) so my internal clock still woke me up early.  There was great reward for that because I captured some amazing pictures of the sunrises by being on the beach that early!

It was a great get away and I came home refreshed and ready to go!


YOU CAN, you know!

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  1. Sherri, thank you so much for this article, I really love reading what you have to write, it’s always so honest, refreshing and inspirational!
    I too am one at peace by the water, so I could feel how you felt being there!
    It is amazing how we view things differently in this journey and instead of saying we were out in the water and swimming and things, we now say hey we were out having a blast and guess how many calories we burned!! lol…
    I am able to start to do things with my nieces and nephews even if it’s going on walks and being silly which is so awesome! I love going walking in the valley now and smelling the fresh air, seeing the deer, the beautiful scenery.
    Thank you so much for all your inspiration!