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A few weeks ago I was traveling and decided to take my set of keys to everything at home out of my purse and put safely in my suitcase…. Or so I thought….  Upon arriving home, I searched and searched for my keys and could not find them.  Did I put them in this pocket or was it in this other bag???  I was in a rush when I emptied my purse and put them well somewhere….  I was very busy but thought I knew where they were.

I had lost all my keys!!!  I had to get my spare door key from a friend who had one and find my spare car key with the broken remote.  This was just so I could walk in my door.  I called the hotel to have them search the room, describe everything on the key ring…  Nothing.  How could they just disappear?  So for weeks I have tried to replace the keys and my loyalty discount cards. (I know I never put them all on that new app on my phone!)  It’s been such a pain!!!!!

THEN I pulled out the big suitcase to pack for my next trip and there in that special little pocket was my whole set of keys!!!!!  Right where I left them!  I was so excited and relieved to have them back.

Doesn’t look like my keys were the only thing lost or “misplaced” for a while, oh my goodness how time flies!  I cannot believe it’s been this long since I hit the blog!  I have so much to tell you – share and confess!  Uuummmm…  We will get to that….

The most wonderful thing has happened in my life!!!  I suppose most everyone knows that I have taken on a new role… I’m a grandmother to a wonderful tiny little girl whose name is Vivienne Mabel born in March to my daughter Cyndie and her husband Dan…  And me!!!!IMG_8034

It is wonderful to be a Grandmother and I’m riding high on being a grandmother to a new baby who reminds me so much of her mother. I just cannot stay away from her and have the wonderful privilege of helping care for her.  I threw my whole self in this new role!  I stayed for the first week or so and then would go back and forth at all hours.  Not that my daughter ever asked me to do all these things but I just wanted to.  You know, I can to do it all!!!  I can give it all!!!!

Now to the confession…  Good for the soul right!  Hard to admit?  Yes!!!  But I’ve found that honesty is the best policy.

Somewhere along the way I’ve taken focus off of what I need to be doing to keep me healthy and well, honestly, I’m up in my weight and don’t feel as well as I did.  Funny how if you do the things you did, you get the same results…. Boy that is hard to admit isn’t it…

But in the same vein, I know what I did that made me successful in becoming healthy so I’m refocusing on that!

I must admit even before my precious granddaughter, I found myself losing focus so adding all that giving to everyone else plus forgetting to take care of myself…  Yikes!!!  As I finally stopped to look around, I began to recognize some familiar surroundings of an old lifestyle I used to live pre-Biggest Loser.

Anyone else been here?

Ever get distracted off your goal with life whether by your blessings or hardships then one day you say, hey wait what happened?  Usually it is not an overnight event as I said in a previous post, drifting.  I knew I was drifting……. And I drifted a little further….

So realization is one thing but what do you do when the wheels are all off or almost?  How do I get back on track and pull it together again?  How to find what was lost like my keys??

Confession is first, now forgiveness!  Forgiving myself for letting my goals and dreams slip!  My goal to live a healthy lifestyle so it’s not just about that number on the scale!  I realize lots of things in my life are a little off track so I have to be honest with myself and take inventory!  I’m certainly not where I started pre-Biggest Loser so that’s great!!!  Michael Hyatt, a very successful business man, says he plans time each month to reassess his goals – personal, health, business, etc.   That’s purpose and discipline which has been key in his success.

So today I’m re-writing my goals and taking inventory of my life so I can make a plan to succeed and get back on the right track!!!  Again… not only in my weight but in my overall health, my sleep, my work, workouts….  Well you get the idea.  One thing Biggest Loser ask over and over how did you get here.   They want you to figure out why you want to be healthy and why you weren’t (emotional/spiritual issues).  And then they work on these areas:  medical, sleep, nutrition and exercise.  They are all so important!

Doing it together

Are you ready on this day to get going or like me again?  I’d love for you to take your inventory and join me!!!!  I’d love to hear your tips and what is working for you too!


BUT WHAT IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I CAN and YOU CAN too!!!


OK This new Grandmother has thousands of pics and I have to share just a few more!  haha


Newborn ViviHappy Girl


Pink Team

Pink Team

Vivi growing


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2 Responses to “Lost and Found, Sherry Johnston, NBC’s The Biggest Loser”

  1. From your lips to my ears! I’m so far off track and every day I get more down about where I am today versus 2010 at our finale. We know what we need to do to get back but I don’t do anything about it on a daily basis. I’ve put off going back to the gym because I feel lethargic, tired and embarrassed. I also have a grandbaby and one coming in two weeks so this is the time. Thanks for your blog Sherry and I’ll keep you posted on my “journey back to great health and a rock’n body for a 59 year old!

    • Patti – Thank you for your comments! I do appreciate your honesty! We do know what to do and you are correct, the embarrassment is hard and out of the routine but just like everyone else who has ever slid back from their goals and dreams, we know we have it in us to dig deep and do this! We can encourage each other and be accountable from coast to coast! Your precious grandbaby is adorable and one more to come soon! Can’t wait. Do keep me (us) posted on how you are! YOU CAN! Love you!!!!!