STEP UP For the Children In Your Life – Sherry Johnston, NBC The Biggest Loser

I am loving the new season of NBC’s The Biggest Loser!  What about you?  I think the show has gotten back to what it does best – INSPIRE us.

I hear many things from many people – some love Jillian’s back and some say she’s too much.  I agree with both!  Yes, she brings her own spin to the show and you must be ready to work hard from the minute you step on The Ranch!  There is no time to waste and she lets you know!

Yes, I have experienced face to face the brunt of that big personality escaping from that little body in a very loud, angry way directed to you!  Oh that was my DAY 1!  It was my first tear!  But we finally came to a good understanding and relationship.  She told me what to do and I did it or I gave it my best!  She nicknamed me “Lil Momma”.

Once she told me during a spin class while holding weights, that if I didn’t go faster – she was going to rip my legs off and Cheryl with them (Orange Team Mom)!  She also would hang on your bike and put her feet on your wheel so you feel you were stuck in more than bubble gum!  Let’s just say, I have a healthy respect for her.

Not everyone responds well to that type of “encouragement”!  So we also had Bob though he wasn’t quite as vocal, he was quite “encouraging” himself.  I’m thankful to have gotten to work with both Bob and Jillian on Season 9.  Would love to work with Dolvett too!

I love the addition of the teens!  They not only are ready to change but they are great ambassadors for inspiration of others – adults and parents as well as other teens and younger children.  They share their dreams and how they are already experiencing the unhealthy lifestyle is hindering from achieving those dreams.

You know my Ashley was heavy as a teen and before.  I would tell you I tried to help her.  I think my heart was in the right place but my “good intentions” did not really result in much change.  It wasn’t until she was 27 and 374 pounds and wanted me to STEP UP to go with her to The Biggest Loser that I finally began to get it.

When she said she wanted to try to get on the Show, I said I would help her.  She said I want you to go with me and I said I’ll do anything but that!  I still didn’t want to change myself!  I would do anything for her but set the right example!  I didn’t even realize it.  I didn’t…

I was leading by example – a bad example for myself and for her!   I would always tell you I had been such a good Mom and in so many ways I was but in taking care of myself and being healthy I obviously did not do a good job.  It hurts to say that but you know, the truth hurts sometimes but it is the truth that frees us to change and move forward.

So bringing awareness of the health issues facing our kids enables us to begin to really have a conversation and a call to action, I’m delighted The Biggest Loser has added the teens.  And so far, I like how they are including them!  It’s a wake up call for parents like me.  For grandparents, aunts, uncles, everyone involved in a child’s life.  It’s time to STEP UP!!!

How you say do I STEP UP?


We know that right?  We know and exercise it in many areas of parenting but I’m not sure we see how true it is where health is involved.

So what do you think?  What are you modeling to your children?  YOU CAN Step Up too!

We Can Do It


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6 Responses to “STEP UP For the Children In Your Life – Sherry Johnston, NBC The Biggest Loser”

  1. Sherry I LOVE this post! as a teacher I see the results of parent involvement in diet at a young age. It has made me that much more diligent in what I do and the example I am setting

  2. Great post Sherry. I know YOU can do anything pink lady….. I’ve seen you do it. Speaking of school, I’d like to see parents juggle their schedule so kids could get the sleep they need so they can perform and learn to their potential!

    • Thanks Pam! Your help with my sleep helped make it possible! Key link! That is such a good point for parents! So many kids do not get enough sleep! I love your thoughts.. We as parents work so hard to help our kids get ahead in school but sometimes lose the simple fact that they do not sleep enough which is vital! I know as a parent, I needed to also focus on my quantity of sleep as well! Thanks!!!

  3. Sherry, I love this post and I am loving this seasons Biggest Loser!!! The children are an awesome addition to the show and I loveeeeeeeeeee having Jillian back!!! I would give anything to meet that woman!!! I love the fact that with the children it’s essentially sending the message to parents that it starts with them which most of them do not see or are in denial about. I have had some backlash at my support of this from parents who want to blame everyone else, but until we can look at ourselves, we cannot fix what is broken!!! I love the inspiration, I love Jillian back, I love these kids and can’t wait to see the changes they make!!! Thanks for inspiring and for being here and would love to hear more from you!!!

  4. Sherri, I am missing your posts!!!! They are very inspiring to me…